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    Can't publish html file


      When I go to publish my file in html I get an error message:

      "Error creating SWF movie file. Be sure the destination file is not locked or on a locked drive. Also, check that the file name is not too long"


      I've done all of the above and still get the error. I can export the SWF but I need a transparent background so I need the html. Any suggestions?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          In the windows version of Flash, the full path for the html and the swf files are written to the Publish window. If you are working on this file on a computer other than the one that originated the file, then the path may be unrecognized by Flash. Since the windows that hold the path in the Publish window scroll to the end of the file name, you may not see the rest of the path name. Select the text in these spaces and delete and write the file name that you want, or, close the Publish window and resave the fla to a different location. Then publish.

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            Kwest1216 Level 1

            Thank you. Perfect!