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    SecuritySandboxViolation bitmap.draw


      I have an environment local.mydomain.com that is loading images from www.myolddomain.com and trying to use ImageSnapshot.captureBitmapData so I can get a snapshot of the image that was loaded.


      I am getting the securitysandbox error, no policy file was found.


      The site at www.myolddomain.com is a rails application. The file I am trying to load is at www.myolddomain.com/handles/<handle_id>/front-lo-res.png. I have a crossdomain.xml at the root of myolddomain.com (same place that index.html would go, the 'public' folder in the rails application).


      My mxml code looks like this:


      <mx:Image id="bgImage" loaderContext="{new LoaderContext(true)}" />


      Any idea as to why this would be happening?


      also, I have tried putting the crossdomain.xml file in the root of /handles/ and in the <handle_id> folder, but it doesn't seem to load it at all!