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    Scanning and saving an individual file leads to saving them all.


      I am using Adobe Reader 7 and I have started to scan several hundred papers that I wrote over the years some going back to the 1970s. I set up a folder for each group to go into when I had scanned them. 

      I used the PDF command when scanning and when I finished scanning the files I wanted to do at that time I used the command "finish" and an icon appeared.  When I opened the icon it showed all the files I had just scanned and I clicked onto each one and saved it to the appropriate folder.

      I later opened the folders to check that the files had gone to the appropriate place and at first glance it seemed that they had.

      However, when I opened the individual files I found that every file that I thought had been saved individually was in fact a collection of all the files I had scanned and saved.

      Does this mean that instead of scanning a selection of files, using the command, "finish" I need to use the command, "finish" after every file and save that because if that’s the case its going to take me forever.