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    non-trivial Delphi <-> Flex database example?


      Does anybody have an example (that is, source code) of a Delphi web service that FB4 can use to show results from a database query in a DataGrid? Details on the FB4 side would also be appreciated, though I'm mostly interested in which of these is the correct concept:


      1. web service method returns XML within a STRING and FB4 parses it (XMLList, XMLListCollection) before using it as a DataProvider source

      2. web service returns some other type (what type, exactly?) and FB4 figures out how to set up the columns for the DataGrid (how does it do that?)


      Thanks for your help ...

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          reid abel

          More research showed that DataSnap might be promising. However, creating a server with a SOAPDataModule on the Delphi 2007 side was only part of it. I then was supposed to create a client with a TSOAPConnection components that used its RemoteProvider to connect through a URL to the server's SOAPDataModule.


          While this is fine for a Delphi <-> Delphi approach, it doesn't look so good for a Delphi <-> Flash Builder approach. As far as I know, FB4b2 wouldn't be able to hook up to the SOAPDataModule at all.


          Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks ...