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    Deleted Topics that...won't Delete


      RoboHelp 8


      I am working to reduce the number of topics that we have in our 3000+ project by taking a large number of very small topics and adding the text from them into one large topic with bookmarks. However, as I was working on this yesterday, RoboHelp crashed on me and when I relauched it, everything I was working one was hosed up pretty bad.


      Here is my process for this compilation:


      1. Create a new topic.

      2. Cut and paste the individual text from each of the small topics into the new large topic.

      3. Create a bookmark for each of the items in the new large topic.

      4. Delete the small topic files.

      5. Reset all of the broken links to the new bookmarks in the new large topic file.


      I was just about done with Step 4 when RoboHelp shut down on me without warning. Now about half of the deleted small topics reappeared and the other half are deleted, but are appearing in the Topic List with a red X by them and I can't get them to go away.


      I attempted to roll back to before the crash, but that didn't really help at all. I also deleted the project locally and reloaded in RoboHelp and again, no luck.


      I've tried deleting these topics from RoboSource Control, deleting them from my local C drive, and performing a Get Latest Version All and Generate Primary Layout after each step to see if these topics would truly delete, but alas, they will just not go away in my Project Manager. When I try to delete them, I get the popup asking about removing references to other files, but after selecting my answer, nothing happens and the topic doesn't go away.


      I did the same 5 steps in a different project and when RoboHelp didn't crash, I did not have any issues.


      Any guidance you have would be appreciated!