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    Display remote topic in new window with remote project TOC?


      Although I've used RoboHelp for several years, I'm self-taught and work independently, so would have to classify myself as a beginning user. I'm using RoboHelp HTML 6.0 and Windows XP Professional.


      My question is this: I know how to link to a topic in a remote project, but is there a way to display the remote topic in a new help window with its own (remote project's) TOC? I've attached an illustration. Here's the background, if you need it, and why I think I want to do this:


      The company I'm working with previously provided user assistance via three printed manuals: a Setup Guide, a User's Guide, and an Administrator's Guide. The first project I completed for them was to convert the information in the User's and Administrator's Guides into a single online help system. We combined the two because their users are generally smaller companies where the "users" and the "administrators" are often the same people. The Help is deployed as a .chm file on the same CD with software updates.


      The next step we are taking is to transform the Setup Guide to online help. It will be context-sensitive (screen-level) help for each of the 80 or so setup screens that a new user of their software should complete to tailor the application to their business practices and get the most out of it. Obviously users will need a higher level of access rights to be able to perform or make changes to the setup. However we still want to be able to cross-reference the user's help and the setup help, so that the relationship between specific setup choices and functionality is clear and adjustments can easily be made, if necessary, as they gain more experience with the software. For example, a user feels a need for an additional customer description code on a customer profile page. The user presses F1 to view Help for the page, the Help tells them exactly on which setup screen those codes are created, and they can follow the link to those instructions if they want to.


      I want these two help systems to be accessible to each other and the user, and yet retain their separate identities. I don't think I want Setup to appear as yet another book in the User's Table of Contents, which is already somewhat overwhelming. So far I have written it as a separate RH project, knowing that I can import topics to the User help if I need to. Thanks in advance for your help! And don't forget I'm a relative newbie to RH. Thanks!