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    FlexMetrics NCSS Metric

    brian.thomas Adobe Employee

      Thanks for introducing the FlexMetrics tool, this is very cool! How is the NCSS metric calculated? It seems to be vastly under-counting our number of lines, but maybe I'm just not understanding the metric.




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          Xavier Agnetti Adobe Employee

          Hi Brian,


          It is calculating the number of Non Comment Source Statements, not the Lines Of Code:


          1 private function foo() : void
          2 {
          3     var i : int = 10; // NCSS
          5     while( i > 0 ) // NCSS
          6     {
          7          i++; // NCSS
          8     }


          The NCSS value will be 3, where as the LOC will be 6.

          That's the theory. In practice there may be a bug in the computation, but that's the way it works currently.