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    Seeking a Flex Developer for project in SW Florida


      We lost our Flex developer due to unfortunate circumstances and we seek an experienced Flex developer (with Flash experience too) to finish a project and to also work on a set of enhancements for a follow on. We expect this project to be a multi-year project with about 10 hours a week once all major functions are implemented, tested, and accepted to go live.


      We are located in Punta Gorda, Florida (near Gulf Of Mexico in SW Florida). Ideally we would like someone close but we realize that we cannot have everything. We just need someone with integrity and a good knowledge of the tool sets with a good programming foundation. Specifically, we would like the candidate to have:


      •Experience using the Open Source Flex Compiler
      •Experience using FlashDevelop

      - 5+ years professional programming experience
      - 3+ years user interface development experience
      - 1+ years experience developing applications in Actionscript 3
      - Advanced knowledge of the Actionscript 3 Programming Language and FlashPlayer 10, particularly:


      •Flash Component Set
      •Actionscript Graphics API
      •Actionscript Event Model
      •Application Domain Concepts
      •External Interface
      •Flash 10 security model


      - Experience developing applications in Actionscript that interact with web services
      - Understanding of the RIA Design Model
      - Working knowledge of the following:





      - Extensive knowledge of the Adobe Flash IDE.
      - Complete understanding of Object-Oriented Programming concepts
      - Working knowledge of traditional OOP Design patterns
      - Must be comfortable working with a Graphic Designer and able to accurately translate a completed design into a working interface.
      - The ability to carry a design is highly desired.
      - At least an intermediate understanding of the following related technologies:


      •Adobe Photoshop
      •Adobe Illustrator


      If you know of someone, please ask them to send a resume and to follow up with me at:

      Richard Evins