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    QuickCommercePro "Connection Failure"

    ajdklfajdlk Level 1
      I don't know where to find help for this particular problem because it's not neccessarily a coldfusion issue.

      I'm submitting a form programmatically through cfhttp passing the credit card info (see attached code) and it is giving me the response "Connection Failure". It boggles me why i'm getting this error, since i am able to submit a form (non-programmatically) and get a successful response and an order number. Also, back to submitting the form programmatically (as below) I have been able with this very same code to successfully submit CC transactions without ever seeing a connection failure. I have read the QuickCommercePro Integration Guide (first link on the list at this link: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=quick+commerce+pro+integration+guide&btnG=Google+Sear ch ) with no help or even mention of a "connection failure" or how to diagnose such a problem.

      From the message itself i would guess the service is just unavailable, however, knowing that i'm able to successfully process a transaction through non-programmatic means (not using cfhttp) makes that seem unlikely.

      (Finding someone that actually admits to supporting the software seems near impossible. The folks for QuickCommercePro (at 800-757-6318 whose number appears on the front of the Integration Guide) tell me they only support terminal software and tell me to call Authorize.net at 877-447-3938. Authorize.net after spending 2 hours on hold, tells us they are unable to help saying we don't have an account with them.)

      Anybody have any ideas? Or know where i can find help on this issue? Or know the answer directly if you've worked with quick commerce pro before?