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    Help - clips being cut off - 'arrow' feature vanished

    xenatorres Level 1

      I'm using CS4.


      Unfortunately, I have no idea what the feature I need is called, hence part of my issue.


      Up until recently, when I used premeire, when bringing a clip right up next to another, these little arrows appeared and helped stop the clip directly next to the clip, without accidentally deleting over it. I have no idea how - but mid edit of a piece I was doing, this feature went away, and I'm forced to eyeball, which really sucks. If I hold down CTRL (PC user), I get the one that should force everything past the clip, however, this isn't working correctly either - instead of moving a whole clip like it would before, it chops clips in half and moves only the part wherever the file landed.


      Again, sorry I don't know what this is called, and I don't know if this makes sense. But I NEED this feature back!


      Actually, if you look at this video:




      It's that black line with arrow that appears as the guy is moving clips. That is what vanished.