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    Slicing and InDesign Import: Issues with Fireworks...

    thomasbricker Level 1

      Ok, two things:


      When creating slices, why doesnt Fireworks create automatic slices like Photoshop does in the areas sectioned off by the first slice you make.

      Photoshop does this. Fireworks doesnt.

      Does this mean I have to manually go in and create separate slices all over my layout in order to wind up with a complete set of slices to make up my layout?

      Annoying and weirdly different from how Photoshop does it.


      Another thing:


      Why cant you copy a vector object from InDesign and paste it into Fireworks without it becoming a bitmap object (with no editability)

      With all the bragging that Adobe does about compatibility between their apps, this seems like a disconnect.

      I have to resort to copying the shape from InDesign, pasting it into Illustrator then copying and pasting it from Illustrator into Fireworks.



      Im trying to get to like Fireworks for Something...

      So far Im not feeling the love.

      Seems like I should just stick to doing layouts in Photoshop, slice them and bring them into Dreamweaver.

      Illustrator stinks for doing slices. (Incredibly inaccurate)

      Fireworks gives you pixel accurate slices, but so does Photoshop.

      And Photoshop does it more conveniently.

      Am I missing something?

      I must be.