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    Exporting Slices and CSS: Best practices?

    thomasbricker Level 1

      To continue my other recent post, when it comes to exporting slices from Fireworks, I need to know the best way to do this.

      If I am exporting slices and CSS, is there a block structure I need to set up to make it work correctly.

      Jim, if youre reading this I saw you mention a group of white boxes in your layout that forced the CSS export to cut up the page correctly.

      I didnt quiet understand what you were doing with those blocks.

      Can you please explain?


      Should I just skip the whole CSS aspect and construct my page from scratch in Dreamweaver?

      Fireworks is the only one of Adobe's apps that will slice up a layout and create CSS on the fly. (Neither Photoshop or Illustrator does it.

      Seems like a good idea, but is it pointless anyway if its going into a Dreamweaver CSS structure anyway?

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          gordonwd Level 1

          There are layout "rules" that you have to follow in any case to make a page layout work well with CSS without getting really complicated. CSS has some interesting quirks that you just have to learn over time, although Fireworks will guide you toward making a less complex layout.


          Frankly, as an old software developer, I have never been a fan of automatic code generation of any sort and prefer to do my own HTML/CSS coding regardless. I find that the automatic code, while it works, often does some strange things that make it difficult to understand and manually edit later. I guess if you're going to have FW/DW generate all the code and you will never look at it in Code View, then what it does is acceptable. I just like being able to use my own naming conventions and structure the page code so that I fully understand it. I do use DW's Design View for most of the actual content of the page, but definitely prefer to structure my DIV layout manually in Code View using my own defined CSS classes.