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    Where is my video clip for importing my .MTS video?

    Ryanneedshelp27 Level 1

      I important my .MTS video (AVCHD), but where is my video clip? I keep thinking it's right in front of me, but I can't seem to find it!!!


      When I check the history box, it says "Import Video," so I know it did import it and I can even open up the video in that open source viewer, but I can't seem to find a box that has the video I imported!!!?


      Help please?


      And can someone tell me why when I view my video in the Open Source Editor, it has loads of messed up pixels? The quality is perfecrtly fine, I can assure you, but when I open it up in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, the quality becomes supper buggy?


      I have fully upgraded to the newest software/edition of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Help please!!!