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    Email notifications


      Why am I getting email notifications from a half dozen threads when I did not subscribe to them and how can I stop it?


      Except for my own post, I want email notifcations for that

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Below is a link to a discussion regarding email notifications.  You may not want to read too far into it as duscissions seem to quickly go off track in that forum.  You might find a couple more postings on the same subject in that forum if this particular one doesn't answer it.



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            tomsmac Level 1

            Ned,  Thanks but i dont want to read alot about nothing, which is not your fault, I just want to know how to stop getting email notifications on threads I never replied to or want.

            This is my settings here and they are corrected >>>


            All email notifications will be emailed to your email address


            But I am still getting replies even from your post NED and I did not reply to it.


            Can some one tell me how to stop unwanted email notifications??  Thanks

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you read thru that post I offered, I believe it gets into identifying a variety of places you need to check.  And as I mentioned, there are other posts in that thread on this issue.  If anything, you should be posting this issue in that forum as this is not a Flash issue, but a forum issue, and that's what that forum is for.