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    Flash CS4 won't load properly




      Weirdest thing is happening now.


      I boot up Flash CS4 and all I see in the upper left corner are the three dots for Apple's Snow Leopard interface.

      Flash was working fine yesterday, then last evening, all I got were the three dots.

      The menus are there. They open,  but they are acting flakey.

      I can open up a file, but none of the palettes or interface show up. The stage is located under Apple's menu bar at the 0,0 location of the monitor and unmovable.


      I deleted the preference files from my user library and also a file called "Flash 10 mru".

      That didn't do a thing.


      The only change I made yesterday was an upgrade Adobe supplied for Premiere.


      I also upgraded to Snow Leopard over the old Leopard, rather than a clean install.

      But Flash was working fine on it for a month before yesterday's three dots attack.


      Flash CS3 works fine.


      Flash CS4 works fine on my laptop with Snow Leopard.


      This morning, I uninstalled the old and reinstalled a new copy. Really at a loss as to what to do.


      I was thinking of doing a clean install of Snow Leopard on a new hd and starting over. Before I do all that, I was hoping there was an easier fix.


      Please help and thanks in advance.





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          cartoonmario Level 1

          More Info:


          Tried it in Mac safe mode and it still won't work.

          Removed font conflicts and it still won't work.

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            I know this is almost 2 years old, but since there is no response at all I'm going to dig this thread up rather than create a new one for an identical problem. I'm having this exact issue right now, except I'm just running Leopard, not Snow Leopard. Sometime last week Flash CS4 froze up on me and I had to force quit. Ever since then, when I boot up Flash, I just get the three circles in the top left corner and nothing else. If I try to open a file, it will open, but it shows only part of the stage and nothing else. If I try to change the workspace view, the stage completely disappears, and that's as far as I can get.


            I've already uninstalled the entire creative suite, used the CS5 clean up tool, and reinstalled, and am still having the same problem. Any ideas? Pretty desperate here, as my homework relies on a working version of Flash.