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    Can't Make Button Work in .gif


      Hello -


      I can't seem to activate a button symbol in a .gif banner ad exported from Fireworks CS3 -- I hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.


      The layer/frames functionality of the .gif is properly set up and the Fireworks .png appears to be working fine.  It animates & behaves as designed.  However -- as to the button:


      I created a Rectangle the shape & size of my hot-spot (the whole image) and dialed the transparency to 0 (zero).  Convert to Button Symbol, and assigned a destination URL (the website being advertised by the .gif banner) to the symbol.  Exported to .gif and opened in Firefox, the button isn't active and doesn't function.  What have I missed?  I need this to work, and as soon as possible -- any advice greatly appreciated!





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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Images do not retain the rollover effect; that's the job of HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript. The Slice or Hotspot information is converted to HTML and Javascript, but only if you export HTML and Images. If  you're exporting images only, that information is not generated, and you will have to build the effect within Dreamweaver, or another web editor.


          Jim Babbage