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    Can Premiere do this...


      I am brand new to Premiere I just downloaded the evaluation copy of Pro CS4. My specific needs are:


      1. To capture videos of a presenter and the presenter's desktop as the presenter talks and works on a pc at the same time.
      2. To provide the presenter a very simple way to finalize the output in one video.


      The ultimate solution would be:

      • Open a program and push a button to begin recording
      • Push a button when done, and the video would be mastered, etc and dropped in a folder.


      The ideal output would have the video of the presenter on one side at roughly 1/4 or 1/5 of the screen, and the desktop capture filling the rest (they would not overlap). So, my questions:

      • Can Premiere record desktop capture, and camera video and audio (firewire,usb, etc) all at once?
      • If I cannot do this all 'at once', Is it possible to create a script for Premier where I have everything predefined for the above senario, so that all I have to do is point Premiere at two video files and it creates what I have described?