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    feature request

    tinylion_uk Level 2

      it would be nice if there was a way to exclude a class from being tested


      by using //NO PMD ALL at start of the file or after the class name

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          Xavier Agnetti Adobe Employee

          I commented JIRA.


          Feel free to reply with you don't agree with me.



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            tinylion_uk Level 2

            I've had a long think about this before writing an answer. And on reflection I do see your point.

            there are times where i want to temporarily turn off testing for a class, but you are correct it is always just short term thing and mostly for clareity in the error reporting panel, or when I have some old code that is going to be replaced and the warnings just get in the way. I can see though that this over-all isnt a very safe practice. Maybe there could be a way to stop a class from being tested but the very fact of not testing the class s reports a single warning

            error type: class not tested, marked as exempt. 

            so i could still save myself from having to see the large number of warnings for the class and have a single warning telling my not to forget.

            I'm in two minds over this. I know there have been several times over the last few days that i wished i could exempt a file but on reflection wouldnt in fact want to have nothing reported. as yo9u say, I'd be likely to forget I'd commented out the class and maybe jujst think all way well.