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    Progress Bar in Datagrid in flex

      I have a urgent requirement, which needs to have ProgressBar in DataGrid. I want to set progress for each of the ProgressBar in datagrid to be binded to a cloum (i.e your progress bar column is binded to some object in array collection). Please do let me know how this is possible. It would be great favour if it is possible to do it using manual mode.

      I used following mxml

      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="teamProgress" width="120" headerText="Team" dataField="TeamProgress">
      <mx:itemRenderer><mx:Component><mx:HBox verticalAlign="middle"> <mx: ProgressBar id="PB" trackHeight="13" barColor="red" trackColors="[White, haloSilver]" borderColor="black" width="75" textAlign="right" styleName="progressBar" mode="manual" label="data.TeamProgress" height="13"/></mx:HBox></mx:Component></mx:itemRenderer> </mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn>.

      How to support static binding of the progress bar column of DataGrid to some object in ArrayCollection.

      I want this progress bar column to be clickable.