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    how to remove pluggin? error/virus?


      hi pple

      i have a big probleme please i need help

      i can't work anymore on after effect cause i have installe a pluggin called :

      CyberZeka TVzeka Frame Buffer 1.0.8

      and i didnt like it so  i delete the folder and now i have a error message says:


      "Registry entry stat not found.

      please run TVzeka config".


      so i would like to remove this pluggin from the registry how can i do , cause this window is showing up at every moment

      when i work on after effect please help


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No idea. Never used it and it has been deprecated for several years now. I would think that you can remove the offending registry entries simply by running regedit. What's strange, though, is that the warning comes up in the first place, so most definitely there are still some remnants of it somewhere. Maybe a DLL in the AE directory or some data in the AE prefs. In the latter case, simply deleting the prefs and letting AE create new ones would probably solve the problem...