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    FB3 refuses to launch AIR project now.


      I was trying to add a style to a Flex AIR project and it hit a runtime error, so i went to task manager and killed adl.exe like i always do because it doesn't end itself .....but then now I am unable to launch my AIR project anymore. Every time I click the green triangle button, it just launches adl.exe and conhost.exe, but it does NOT launch my project



      I need this fixed NOW. the last time this happened, I was in a meeting with my BOSS, and I could not show her my progress becuase flex builder 3 decided to not launch my project for the same exact reasons and symptoms. The way i fixed it before was reinstalling flex builder 3, and I don't want to go through the hassle of redoing all of my settings and plugins again.


      I tried right clicking on flas content and say connect to but it just says "The connection could not be established by flash player 10", and it gives the smae message if i click local host as wel.


      How do i fix this? It amazes me how adobe expects people to pay for flex builder 3 with problems like this.

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          markgrandi Level 1

          You know what, never mind.



          Honestly, this is BS. Flex Builder 3 costs like what 200 dollars ? I got it for free because I'm a student yes but that doesn't excuse FB3 from SUCKING!


          this is the THIRD time this has happened to me, where FB3 just refuses to run my air project, and like i said in my first post, the second time was in a meeting with my BOSS! I had to say "Uhh yeah, trust me, it does exist....its just compiling at the moment".


          So I had to make myself look like an idiot because somehow Adobe managed to take Eclipse, which works fine for java (I use eclipse with my java projects for my school and I have 0 problems) and somehow make it WORSE!. No code formatting, no TODO or FIXME highlighting, none of the cool features that eclipse includes, and they make it worse by having this BS that if the program crashes it doesn't even try to kill the processes that is still running in the background.


          Flex is nice. Flex Builder 3 is the worst IDE experience I have had in my short time as a programmer so far. I would honestly be more productive with notepad or something, but I need Flex Builder 3 due to me using the charting components and I need FB3 to compile them without the ugly watermark.


          Eclipse has it right. Everything works out of the box and works as its supposed to. FB3 is an example of how NOT to make an IDE. I have had nothing but problems and bugs with it, but sadly I am required to use it for my job.


          So here I am reinstalling FB3 for the fourth time, having to go search out for all of my plugins and reset all my preferences, all just cause I somehow FUBAR'd the flex debugger by having a runtime error....its not like that is the whole point of having a debugger or anything, right?


          <-- Angry.