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    Custom Cursors (Dynamic)

    Jason Villmer Level 1

      I'm already familiar with the standard method of using the CursorManager to use a pre Embedded image to create a custom cursor. However, I'm looking to build a feature whereby a user can enter the name of a file in a text field and have it use the cursor manager to use that referenced file as a custom cursor. I've tried a significant number of techniques but none work perfectly. I can obviously just create an Image UI component and have it follow the cursor x and y coordinates. (and hide the original cursor) That, however, removes the capacity to click. Now the issue is that the CursorManager ONLY works with images you've embedded. There's no way to do that dynamically? Wouldn't it be much easier to allow you also load something dynamically? Such as CursorManager.loadCursor("my_cursor.png").