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    PRE8 crashes when i try to capture?? (The bride is getting furious)


      Used PRE 4 for long time no probs. Got new computer

      tried to put PRE4 on. Creashed when tried to capture.  Tech support said old version would not  

      work easily with Windows 7 so I paid for upgrade to PRE 8. Installed it and

      the exact same problem: Hit 'capture' and the program crashes with : Premiere Elements has encountered an error [..\..Src\Timecode.cpp-995]

      I have Core 17 processor.

      4G RAM

      Plenty of HD

      Quicktime updated

      Camera is Panasonic NV GS500

      Capture works fine in win movie maker etc..

      Adobe products should all come with a 'stress ball' that you can squeeze or chew, cus I'm mad.  I'm sure I could have kept the old version but I think tech support also wears a sales quota hat. Too bad adobe doesn't make enough money to have 24 hr tech support worldwide.