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    need urgent upgrading advice!

    A.Bes Level 1



      I am in dire need of some advice about upgrading my current rig.

      I am about to do a lot of HDV editing, specifically with the sony hvr-z7u, and I want to try and get my comp up to snuff with the task at cutting HDV footage.


      (a little background, hardware question follows)

      One of the main projects I am working on requires dumping the footage from the hvr-z7u from a CF card onto the computer, and so far in tests I havent been able to cut the footage. I get a "media pending". I usually cut with CS3, and it wont take the .m2t files unless I capture the footage from the z7u from tape.

      I tried CS4 and was able to get it working only if I changed the .m2t file extension to .mts . But I still get the media pending if I try and slow mow the footage or color correct it.


      This is a concern for me. Is it my computer, or the way I am working with the footage. I NEED to be able to load the footage on the fly by using the CF cards instead of capturing the tapes. My cinematographer was able to cut and use the footage using his old iMAC, which makes me believe that my comp cant handle it?!?!



      My specs:


      Win XP pro serv pack 3

      Asus M2A-VM AM2 AMD motherboard

      AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 5000+

      2.61 GHz

      4gbs ram (DDR2)



      1x 300g drive for OS and programs

      2x 640 gb sata2 7200 hard drives for video storage

      1x 300 gb sata drive for scratch disk


      ATI Radeon HD 4800 (dual monitor out)


      450watt VX corrsair power supply.


      what should I loose, add, I dont mind spending a few dollars. Do i need a new mother board and jump to DDR3?


      Do I need to cut on CS4, CS3 seems to to be way more stable for me.


      I was also considering purchasing a matrox rt.x2 . Would this benifit me or is it uneeded. I understand that with the Mercury engine on the distant horizon that the matrox card might be a waste. BUT would this help me if I added it into my current setup.


      I really just want to be able to edit HDV footage without having to convert it into a different file formate and then load it into premiere.


      Im lost, and all the research I have been doing has been throwing me into a dangerous loop!


      If you need more specs on my motherboard or processor please ask and I will try and find it out. I am comfortable with computers, not a wiz by any means. but I can check specs.



      thanks, any info or advice would be appreciated.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Forget about Matrox (waste of money), just get a new PC based on the i7-920. Your AMD based system is too slow. Just look here:

          How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...


          and here for some ideas: http://ppbm4.com

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            To enlarge upon my previous post:


            Get an i7-920, 12 GB RAM, one 150 GB Velociraptor for OS & programs and at least two, but preferably three large harddisks and a simple HD5xxx video card. That will give you a very powerful system, equiped for the future and after CS5 is released and MPE has shown its full potential, all you may need to do is upgrade your video card.

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              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3



              You'll be amazed at the performance improvement.  The i7 920, X58 mobo, 12GB Ram, Raptor 150 is currently the price/performance "sweet spot".


              You pay a premium to have someone like Digital Storm build your system and you may have to wait 3 weeks for it. Liquid cooling is intriguing to me.  I have never tried it.  Digital Storm promotes a lot of liquid cooled systems.


              I haven't checked, but there may be a system available at Best Buy or Fry's that has acceptable specs.


              Be sure whatever system you get has Windows 7 64 bit and of course at least 3 internal hard drives including the system "C".


              Do you have any system building experience?


              I was able to build 2 high-end editing systems based on the i7 etc. within a 2 day period. I ran into a couple of snags, but took my time to make sure everything was right before powering on.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Apart from the Velociraptor for OS & programs, you can continue using your current drives. No need to buy new ones just now if the space suffices. Same applies to your current video card. It is not as cool as the 5xxx series, but more than enough for the time being.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  If you look at my Premiere Pro Benchmark Results (PPBM4) web page you can see where you are with the performance of your current system by looking near the bottom of the list at BillG FX60.  This is my old computer that is clock-wise and processor similar to your system and is now being used as my email and Internet system.  Then look up at the top and see where Harm's scores are and where he is suggesting where you could be.  Also next week when my new Office 2007 software package arrives it will be including a new column called the Performance Index thanks to some magic that Harm has applied to the data.

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                    A.Bes Level 1

                    Awesome Gentlemen,


                    I guess my main concern is that If I dump the money into a new rig, will I still get the problem that I am at..No one seems to know the answer to my .m2t problem, which is fine.


                    Regardless I still think its a good idea to upgrade, cause the other problem will find a solution, and I am sure upgrading the comp can help it.


                    I'm comfortable with putting together a computer. Sort of, I have a lot of friends that are able to do it to and help out. Its just whenever I ask them questions about editing rigs and whats the best set up, they say mac, or get a maxtor..aka they arent really sure.


                    I know you also said I could keep the current graphics card that I have. If I jumped up what would the noticable differences be?!?

                    if its worth it I dont mind considering it.


                    And jumping to windows7. Has anyone seen any issues rocking that with cs3 or cs4?


                    Thanks guys again.

                    Very helpful.



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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      I would not upgrade the video card at this moment. Your current card is quite good and getting a new one now will not give you any noticeable performance gain. I consider it unwise to invest now in a new video card, that may be unsuitable for MPE in a couple of months.


                      Win7 is great. It is faster and more stable than XP or Vista. No issues at all. You know my stance on Matrox, better invest the money in other components like more memory, more disks, or save it for an expensive video card in the future. On MAC's, well if you have money to burn and do not care about support from the forum (90% uses a PC, only 10% MAC or thereabouts) go ahead. Just calculate around 40% higher price for a similar performance.

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                        A.Bes Level 1

                        Thanks Harm


                        ok, so I was talking with my friend who sells comps, I was explaining my situation and the hardware I need to upgrade it. He suggested that I go with this:

                        http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01752634&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=ca&lang=en&p roduct=3983060


                        It has basically most of the specs that you mentioned I should rock:


                        Win 7 (64bit)


                        9gigs ram (which I can upgrade)

                        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 250 graphics card with

                        1tb hard drive


                        price was 1500, went clearance for 1199.99




                        I can get it from him for 899.99


                        The graphics card seems like its better then the one I currently am rocking, obviously it comes with some extra stuff (bluray player, plus DVD burner)that I do not need, but for the price it seems like the most viable option..


                        its going to get a fresh install on to get rid of any preloaded software and what not..


                        do you think this was a good idea?!?

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          >1tb hard drive


                          Only one hard drive is a bad, BAD idea for video editing


                          You need a "small" hard drive for Windoze and software, a "small to medium" hard drive for temp/scratch files and a "large" hard drive for data


                          Something like...


                          120Gig for boot

                          120Gig for temp stuff (or larger)

                          1T for data


                          DO NOT (I repeat... DO NOT) use a single 1T drive with partitions !!!!!

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            First of all, to parrot John, get a smallish disk for OS like a 150G Velociraptor and at least 2 but preferably 3 large hard disks.


                            You don't need the graphics card. Use your old one. Chances are that the GTX-250 will not profit from MPE. Better trade it in for 1 or 2 additional disks.


                            9 GB RAM is not a good idea. That means 3 x 2 GB plus 3 x 1 GB. Better get 6 x 2 GB to start with. Get at least DDR3-1333 with the lowest CAS possible (7 max).

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                              A.Bes Level 1



                              I understand what you are saying. The place I am looking at it is at futureshop (canadian version of best buy) .

                              Like I said, the price is what got me looking.

                              What I listed is what is included with the comp. So graphics card etc. comes with it. Can't trade it in or anything.


                              adding my hard drives into the mix and getting a dedicated OS drive, should be alright, no?

                              The 9gigs to 12gigs can be sorted out, but again, the deal was 899.99. I just want to make sure I am not throwing money away. I dont mind spending it on stuff that will help me out but I dont have unlimited funds here people.


                              You guys have been amazing with your advice, and I thank you. Sorry if my repeat questions and answers are ridiculous.. like buying a pre-loaded comp from a Big Box retailer.. I just saw the tag and started adding up the money for parts and it seems like a good deal..



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                                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                Looks like a reasonable starting point.  Make sure that you get a true Microsoft OS disc with the system as some of these cut rate systems do not include them (or at least be able to order them).  I hope the 1 TB drive is a true 7200 rpm drive and not a "green" drive.  Since it is a factory model you may not be able to overclock it..

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                                  A.Bes Level 1

                                  Hey Guys,


                                  So I scrapped the idea about the HPe9180.

                                  The Price was very nice, but the options and extra stuff at the end of the day just werent for me. I dont need a bluray player in my comp, and I dont need the graphics card. (basically the same thing you guys said about it)




                                  Im going to go with your initial suggestion:


                                  i7 920

                                  12gigs ram

                                  Win 7

                                  150gig 10,000 Hard Drive.



                                  I just have one last question (maybe not the last)


                                  The mobo that I need for the i7 920. I was scoping the Asus P6t WS Pro and the Asus P6T SE. My main question is whats the big difference between the two boards? Can I save some loot and go with the SE, or is the noticable difference with the WS Pro board to huge to pass. I am assuming that the Pro board is better for overclocking.. BUT as you can see with my many questions, I am not an advanced wizard and I never thought about over clocking my CPU.




                                  If I needed to save a few bucks, Can I use an exsiting 300gig Hard Drive for OS and Progs? 7200.


                                  Is the difference worth the 300 bucks..


                                  I am basically trying to keep it around 1000.00 after taxes.. Which is obviously next impossible..




                                  i7 920 ($330.00)

                                  12gigs of Ram - $340.00

                                  x58 Asus P6T (se or pro) -$ 229 or 329

                                  Vraptor Drive - $266

                                  plus Win 7 on top of that - $130.00


                                  After taxes im at about $1300. to $1400.00



                                  I will spend it if I have to I guess.

                                  and i am sure you guys are going to say that all of its necsassary but, if you are on a budget, what could you step down on and not loose a massive amount power?


                                  Thanks yet again



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                                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                                    Use your current 300 G disk, savings $ 270, use the SE board, savings $ 100, together $ 370. If need be, go for 6 GB RAM instead of 12, savings around $ 170.

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                                      A.Bes Level 1



                                      Thank you guys so very much.

                                      ill let you know how it goes. (if you care) but in any case, I can't stress enough how much a help you guys were.



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                                        A.Bes Level 1

                                        Update -


                                        Made the upgrade


                                        i7 920, Asus P6T SE mobo, 6gigs ram, Win 7


                                        I didnt go with the 10,000 rpm OS drive though, Had to stay in somewhat of a budget.


                                        But, shes working like a champ. Finally reinstalled progs, tested it out (this fixed my nagging issue of premiere only showing "media pending" for .m2t or .mts files)


                                        In any case I will probably upgrade to 12gigs of ram to get that extra boost.. BUT will most likely wait a month or two.


                                        Thanks again on the great advice guys. I feel that it was a victory of sorts.