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    latest changes to VideoPlayer

    DilipShah Level 1
      VideoPlayer has undergone significant changes over  the last few builds. Does anyone know how to find video's width, height and  duration? Earlier you could use metadataReceived event and info associated with  the event. This event is no longer available.
      The new event that you are supposed to use at it's  place, MediaPlayerStateChangeEvent, hasn't helped me. Even when you  listen to MediaPlayerState.READY, video's duration is 0. It seems to get set  only after video starts playing. So, if you set video player's autoPlay to  false, you don't have access to the video's duration till you start playing it! Also, when  MediaPlayerState.READY is dispatched, the width and height are still the default values  (263x184 pixels). How do you access the media's width and height after the  source for the video player is set?
      How do I get info on the latest changes made to  VideoPlayer?