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    Google analytics using actionscript2?


      I created an all flash website coded in AS2 and need to hook up google analytics to it to track individual anchored sections that I have set up in the flash file such as: "#contact" which is an anchor at frame 90.

      Note: I tried to use SWFAddress for deep linking but couldn't get it working so I found an easy tutorial on how to use Anchors in Flash so we could send links to individual pages.


      I am a designer not a code person, I went to the Google site and tried to get through everything they had listed.  I couldn't even tell if the info was for AS3 or AS2 and the info I found on tracking something I didn't understand at all.  It seems like a lot easier if it was in AS3 but I don't have the time to learn it.


      Does anyone know of a simple tutorial of how to set up Google Analytics in Flash using AS2?  


      Here is the site: http://www.giantsteps.us/test.html