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    Adobe Reader for Mac 9.2 hangs up when closing windows

    Stephen Schulte

      I started having this problem a few weeks ago:  Adobe Reader 9.2 for Mac - with my MacBook (May 2006 - intel core duo) running Leopard 10.5.8 when I have 1 or more Adobe Reader "pdf" documents open and I wish to close one by either cmd-w or by clicking on the red close button top left; most if not all of the time the document goes black and the spinning ball of death appears and then either the program shuts down or I have to do a force quit or just quit.


      This never happened before-- I could always have from 1 to 20 pdf files open and just cmd-w the one or ones that I wanted to close and no problem they closed and the program was fine.


      Is this something new or ???   A bug or ???


      Thanks for any comments.  I did REINSTALL Adobe 9.2 but same problem.  I've done restarts and more.  This is the first time I've used this forum so not sure how I will get notified - do I have to recheck here or will I get a notice to my eMail address?? 


      Thanks and regards,


      Steve on Sunday 13 December 2009