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    Blacked Out Clips, Premiere Pro (V.7)


      I have been having severe issue with one or more video clips in the timeline suddenly turning solid black.  Even if I don't save the file after the clip goes black it will still be black when I re-load the file and all the work I've done on that track (for just the blackend clip) will be lost.  I have to drag the clip from the project window back to the timeline and start over with any effects or transitions I had done previously.  I don't understand why the file is affected even if I don't save over the original.  It usually happens directly after exporting the movie and veiwing it in Media Player but sometimes a clip just turns black while I'm working.  Like I mentioned, re-loading a previously saved version (even if the project is saved as a different name) stills will pull the same clip in a nothing but a solid black box.  Sometimes only a section of frames are affected - but usually it's all of the frames in a clip. Could this be some VIDEO CODEC conflict?


      I have attached a screenshot sample of the issue.  In this image the bottom left of the video is just a solid black box, when it SHOULD be a scaled-down clip of a guy playing guitar.  It will be working perfectly fine and then without warning, it'll turn black.


      Any guesses as to why this is happening?