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    Local Adjustment Brush does not work in Windows 7, 64-bit


      All other tools and functions work OK.  My issue is just with the Adjustment Brush;  The Adjustment Panel opens when the brush is selected and the brush moves, but none of the adjustments are applied to the image.  The problem is clearly related to the new operating system.  This was just confirmed, by removing the hard drive with the Windows 7, 64-bit OS,  and inserting an old hard drive with Windows Vista, 32-bit installed. The adjustment brush works fine with the old OS and the same version of PS.


      My normal monitor resolution is 1920 x 1200 with a DPI of 151; however, this DPI is not compatible with PS, so I reset it to 149 evey time I use PS.  Lower screen resolutions and DPI settings don't resolve the problem. I mention this only because of a previous cursor problem that was resolved by changing the DPI.


      I'm using CS4 with Camera Raw version 5.6.  Version 5.5 also does not work.


      Can anyone offer suggestions?