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    CS4 Premiere Pro Computer Freeze/Crash


      I recently installed CS4 and have been playing around with it to get used to the new functions.  I installed it on a brand new computer that I built based on excellent guidlines I read in these forums (see hardware below).  I also intalled a Windows 7 Home Premium.  As I said I have been practicing with a pretty small project in premiere pro and have been gettting a freeze on my work.  The mouse does not move, in fact, nothing responds.  I try ctr-alt-del, and no respone, not even from task manager.  I have to hold the power button down for 5 sec for the computer to turn off.  The freeze/crash is pretty inconistent, making it harder to track down.  Somtimes I am just moving the mouse across the screen with nothing running in the background and the whole computer freezes up.  I have looked throughout the forum and nobody else seems to have the same issue.  I thought it might be a problem specifically with the OS, but this freeze only happens when I am running premiere.  Well, I only really installed CS4 on this computer, so basically, I haven't had a problem with MS explorer or After Effects (I've been practicing with this too).  Has anyone else had the same problem?  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      OS:  Win 7 home premium

      MOBO:  ASUS P6T Delux V2

      Processor:    i7 920 2.67 GHz

      RAM:  12 GB

      Hard Drive OS:  Velociraptor 300

      Hard Drive Project:  WD Caviar Black 750

      Hard Drive Scratch:  WD Caviar Black 750

      Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4650

      Monitor: Dual