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    PE7 Capture problem - could it be the firewire cable?


      I am attempting to capture video from a Canon ZR830 into Premiere Elements 7.  The capture window detects my camera, starts, stops, pauses, and sort of captures video.  However, the display on my camera and in the capture window is fragmented and blocky.  I had hoped that the captured video would be fine despite this blockiness.  However, the blockiness persists in the Monitor window after I discontinue capturing.


      To troubleshoot this issue I tried the same capture with PE2 with the same results.  I tried a different tape with the same results.  At the end of several hours trying a number of things, the most interesting thing I found was that if I play the tape on my camera while it's not connected to the computer, it plays fine.  Once I plug the firewire cable in, even without PE running, the display blockiness starts.  The audio playback is fine in all cases.


      Is it possible I have a bad firewire cable?