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    flex store example + deep linking search engine question or LocalShared objects


      hi, i wanna make a onlineshop site.

      i'm wondering what would be the best approach.


      if you use the adobe demo ...


      + some other MXML and ActionScript tricks and build a 1 app web.


      on a old style website you would have the basic 5 pages + a page for every product.

      witch can be easily indexed by a search engine.


      as everyone knows, the more pages you have, the greater the chance is that some search engine will show your article/product, depending the keywords of the person is using (+ some other factors).


      i know that google can index in SWF files.

      but i don't think they will actually execute the application you made and scan all products you offer via the 'Flex Store' demo.


      the cool part about 'Flex Store' demo, you user doesn't need to wait for page loads.

      i have understood, that local shared object's can only the used by the same application.


      i would like to have some input from you guys.

      because i think the Flex Store demo rock, especialy the product compare and price search options.



      kind regards