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    Cropping ...or maybe it would be called 'extracting' ?

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      I'm using Premiere Pro CS3.

      I'm getting a little ahead of myself with this question. First I'll describe what I plan to do...


      I have a DV Type 2 AVI.

      It is 720x480.  I want to convert this to half it's size and use that size as my movie (360x240). I want to intercut that with medium shots of the same camera but I don't have any other clips from the same camera. I want to 'simulate' having the medium shots. So I want to take the preserved 720x480 clip and crop a portion of it so that the crop will equal 360x240.

      Then I would take the crop from the 720x480 that equals 360x240 and put that into the main 360x240 movie clip (intercut the sizes).


      I was able to use Virtual Dub and using a filter I reduced the 720x480 to 360x240 and saved it as an AVI movie. It is still "playing" in the DV NTSC space, so there is a lot of black around the image, but that's OK at the moment.


      (a side note: I was also able to make it B%W and adjust Brightness-Contrast using filters in Virtual Dub)


      It works well (the 360x240) in Premiere Pro CS3 and I exported it to test it out (DV NTSC) and it works well.


      Instructions about cropping in CS3 say that the crop will expand to fill the original frame size...which I don't want. I want a crop that is exactly 360x240 and the rest of the image discarded.


      Can I do that with a mask, and have the mask (crop) follow the action similar to some tutorials I've seen to put a head blur on somebody walking (to hide their identity) ? And extract that mask area ?


      I'm not ready to do thiis until a couple days from now so I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but thought I'd ask to see if I can make myself clear about what I'd like to do, and see if anyone has some suggestions about what process to use.


      Thanks a lot