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    can't play zynga games on f/b because of flash player 10


      I've followed troubleshooting steps with zynga troubleshooting for connection/troubleshooting i've changed browser from IE8 to firefox 3.5.5 then cleared my cache then went to this link http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/current/uninstall_flash_player.exe to uninstall all flash components and it doesn't bring me anywhere it says this page cannot display and tried to go back several times but same thing so I went to remove them myself with the add/remove programs.. I then rebooted my system then did a scan with PSI... then went to install the flash player 10 with this link here http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ then went to this link to "Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer" and finished a few other steps with zynga but still cannot play games since i've installed flash player 10


      firefox 3.5.5

      Windows XP Ram  1.83 GHz, 256 MB of RAM


      please help me do some damage control here before i do some real damage to my comp on my own



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          Bummer!!  This happened to me yesterday, so I can surely empathize with you.  I even posted a question on how to re-install Flash Player 9!  I received no reply telling me how to do that, so I tried something else.  Here's what I did... try it and see if it works for you:


          1.) Go to this site http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html (it's an Adobe download site) and download the correct uninstal program for your computer.

          2.)  Run the uninstall.

          3.)  Restart your computer.

          4.)  Re-install Flash Player 10.

          5.)  Restart your computer.


          (I merely copied and pasted the above URL, I don't know how to turn it into a link)  In addition, I deleted cookies before restarting my computer in step #5  (I run Internet Explorer to do this, then shut it down, and then open Firefox as I can't seem to find where to delete cookies while in Firefox).  After I did those steps I was then able to play FarmVille and YoVille.  Was it because I uninstalled and then reinstalled?  Or while I was doing all that Zynga fixed the problem?  I have no idea.  All I know is that when I was done I was able to play Zynga games.


          Good luck, I hope this works -- or that you found a solution and have been happily playing ever since!




          PS if the above site doesn't work, go to the Adobe site and look for "uninstall" dpwnloads.

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            My wife is able to play farmville on facebook and we had installed the newer version of flash player 10, but she uses IE7


            Go ahead and uninstall using the adobe uninstall tool the previous poster gave you


            wait a little lake maybe 30 mins and reboot again

            then install flash player. After it is installed you have to reboot yet again


            that should help

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              tired/frustrated Level 1

              tyvm for the replies..... I've done so much on this comp it is so time consuming i have since uninstalled flash player 10 from my add/remove programs, deleted some old active x controls from manage add ons, restored advanced settings and reset my browser internet settings and done another scan with psi then rebooted my comp and installed the flash player 10 again now some of zynga games work however I'm still Not able to get into my cafe world but maybe it's because the cafe world is in Beta, i don't know if that has more to do with it.....it probably does but in the mean time i'm still gonna do some more research to get bak to the grills....


              so in the mean time i'm still up for more suggestions

              thank you very much appreciated

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                AntKacky Level 1

                It might just be that Cafe World hasn't caught up with FP10 yet?  Or maybe you'd get better removal results by using Adobe's uninstall instead of the uninstall on the computer?  Adobe's is suppose to remove Flash Player and all Active X controls, or at least that's what the directions said.  I'm no expert, and I don't want to steer you wrong -- I have no idea about Active X and what to remove or leave, just passing on what worked for me.


                I noticed a box on the Adobe site for live tech support between 6am and 6pm (no idea what time zone, though).  Maybe you could try that?.


                I wish you luck!!  I'd be gutted if I couldn't bake or harvest for even a day!  My grandniece enjoys playing with her old Auntie; it's our way of keeping in touch.  Hope you get back to you Cafe real soon!!

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  There is another possibility: some sites claim that they require Flash Player, when in fact they mean Shockwave Player. Check here if you have Shockwave Player installed:


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                    AntKacky Level 1

                    When I first copied and pasted your link



                    This page loaded:



                    Then I copied & pasted a second time and got this page:



                    I did it for a third third time and was right back at the Wilpedia site.


                    (I did not click on the link at any time, just copied and pasted.)


                    Why did that happen?  What's going on?!

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      This forum software has many little quirks; one of them being that it inserts blanks in the displayed hyperlinks.  If you have the Google toolbar installed, this may cause it to search and redirect to the first result - Wikipedia.


                      If you directly click on the link (or right-click, then open in a new tab or browser window), it should work correctly.

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                        Im having similar issues. It seems, for me, that Farmville and Fishville load only when they want to. I get the "If Farmville doesnt load in 15 seconds, update Adobe Flash by clicking here...."

                        Ive done that. Updated Adobe. Rebooted. Uninstalled Adobe. Reinstalled Adobe...installed Shockwave player, rebooted...uninstalled it...reinstalled it, rebooted. Ive managed my add-ons, Ive remanaged them over and over and over - Ive allowed 3rd party content to be stored on my computer about 8x...


                        No matter what I do - I get the same Flash update message. What I dont understand, is that sometimes I dont get the message, and the games load right up - but I havent changed anything on my system at all.


                        On average, it seems that Im only allowed into my games for about a 48hr time period once a week - then it goes back to the Flash update message for the next 5 days.

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                          AntKacky Level 1

                          Boy!  Do I know how frustrated you are!!  I eventually just got another computer.  These games require a LOT of RAM and speed.  While "getting another computer" isn't an option for everybody, it was the ONLY option open to me...my old computer was just too slow to load the games before the server would time out.


                          I always get the message that I need to upgrade my flash player, but it goes away after a few seconds when the game starts to load.  On the new computer, the game loads within seconds to minutes... on my old computer I could sit for 20 to 30 minutes waiting for my farm to totally load -- if it ever loaded at all.  Unbelievable!!


                          Sometimes with these games it's important to empty the cache often... even unload the game and reload it -- which, I'm sorry to say I have NO idea how to do -- but I do know how to empty the cache (don't know WHAT it is, but I know how to empty it!).  ;-P


                          You could try contacting Facebook tech support.  I know that FarmVille has had a LOT of problems with loading issues for a few weeks now.  I think sometimes these companies upgrade or change things without telling us and until they work out the bugs we are left hanging and frustrated.


                          Good luck and I hope you can figure out how to load your games.  they are a lot of fun when working right, homicidaly maddening when they act up!!  I wish I had some magic answers for you, but I struggle to keep things working myself.  I am constantly contacting tech support for one program or another... it's the ONLY way I can figure out anything,


                          Luv, Kathy and family

                            (meow, meow, waaa)  

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                            Hey, thanks everyone!  I just signed up today because I was having the same exact problem.  I have been re-installing and un-installing Flash Player for days now.  Zynga is basically telling me I am nuts.  Now I know I'm not, so thank you so much!  I will try what you have suggested here and see if anything works.  For me, Flash Player seems to work in IE and Firefox, but when I close IE 8, I get an error saying "IE has stopped responding". Very frustrating.

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                              FirstOfMay Level 1

                              Well, darn.  After all that, it didn't work.  I'm still getting the same error.