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    problem in tabnavigator?

    435.mahesh Level 1


      I have downloaded code for tabnavigator maximize and restore from the net.I have attatched as file.Just download

      and import in ur flex builder.From output u will find tabnavigator maximize,restore and above tabnavigater down arrow

      will be present in top right corner.I have to remove that down arrow,but unable to do that.Here that entire component

      has build based on swc file.How to remove that arrow?Plz help me.I have to use this one in my application  or If u

      have any code for tab navigator maximize or restore plz send me.






      D.Mahesh Babu

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          Set popUpButtonPolicy to off,



                    height="50%" width="100%"
                    bottom="5" right="5" left="5"
               <mx:VBox label="Tab 1"/>
               <mx:VBox label="Tab 2"/>
               <mx:VBox label="Tab 3"/>