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    delete onEnterFrame does not work


      hi there,


      trying to stop the onEnterFrame loop but it won't stop.

      this.onEnterFrame = function() {
      earth.onRelease = function() {
        if (isMain) {
         if (p>0) {
          delete onEnterFrame;
         } else {




      I'm trying to exit the loop and go to frame openWin but that doesnt jumps so I tried to delete the onEnterFrame  but the loops contiues.


      1) how can I exit the loop to frame openWin? thats most importent it's what I need!

      2)if I dont use this.onEnterFrame = function(){ just earth.onRelease = function doent work either unless its in the onEnterFrame why?

      the earth has animation on it but here i'm using it just as a button so I see no conection to why it isnt working unless its in the onEnterFrame??!?