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    Code Assist and Tag Closing

    Jose Galdamez

      I am having issues both with Code Assist and Tag Closing using CF Builder Beta 2 for Mac.


      When I type out a simple line of code within CFML like




      no list of attributes come up, even if I place the code within cfscript or type CTL+L. I can't figure out how to get CF Builder to tell me what attributes are available for individual functions. I've seen it work before, but it's been totally unpredictable as of late. Code assist for CFML and HTML tags generally work fine, however.


      With tag completion, I have it set to automatically insert a closing tag when typing >. It seems to work fine for many tags like cfquery, cfoutput, cfsavecontent, but it never works for cfscript.


      The settings I have for Code Assist are attached as an image.




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          Hi !

          Type First Letter(s) of your function and hit CTRL SPACE

          a list of function pops up, if u choose desired function it will also show you the function parameters !



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            Chris Peters

            I've noticed lately that I can only get code assist to work on functions if you start it out with a lowercase letter.


            So if you change your example to listFind(, it works fine.


            I'm not saying that this is acceptable because our coding guidelines call for the capital L at the beginning to denote that the function is a built-in CF function.

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              Jose Galdamez Level 1



              That trick seems to work well for functions within cfscript. It also works well if I type this followed by CTL+Space.


              <cfreturn listf


              It does not work if you are typing it out in the body of a page. In that case, I get a popup with a list of HTML tags only. Then again, maybe that's a good thing.


              Either way, that may be a viable workaround for now. But here's a new issue. When you type the function name and you close the parentheses you get the tool tip that tells you what parameters the function takes. If your cursor leaves the parentheses and comes back, the tool tip does not reappear.


              How do you get the tooltip to come back? I looked at the CF Builder documentation and didn't see anything about manually bringing up the tool tip for functions. CTL+Space does not do it. Image of the tool tip is attached.


              Just for the record, I keep cfquickdocs.com open at all times to get around these issues. Waiting for the day when I don't have to go back and forth.




              I type this and still get no code assist.




              I like that CF Wheels makes it a standard to use uppercase for the first letter, btw. I did know that about the framework.


              Overall, I get the impression that these are bugs? That is unless I'm doing something wrong.

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                mar_wiesi Level 1

                Hi !
                As you said, i guess these are bugs.

                lets see what the final realease is all about.




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                  Dipanwita S Level 1



                  Arguments assist not coming up while end brace is absent is a bug, we will fix it soon.


                  We have released CFBuilder public beta3, please install the new build from http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/coldfusionbuilder/


                  For installation instructions, refer to CFBuilder blog at http://blogs.adobe.com/cfbuilder/


                  Let us know your feedback after playing around with the latest release.




                  Adobe ColdFusion Team

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                    MaryJo Level 1

                    I'll add my comments here too, as I've had a lot of problems with the code assist and I really miss this working moving from CFEclipse. I'm on the beta 3 standalone copy.


                    First, I'd like to put in a BIG hands up for a camel case output on the functions. All lowercase is not something I've seen used much, it's harder to read in general, I expect most of us write built-in functions more like this: ReplaceNoCase(). Tags though are fine in lowercase.

                    The cntl-space works well to pop up the list of functions, but I would like to use the scroll button on my mouse immediately to move through the list....instead it scrolls the page, so I have to click into the window first to move the focus, which is kind of annoying (particularly when I forget to!)


                    I get really weird code assist on some tags. For instance, I was adding a cfcatch tag and it popped up a list of html tags, instead of the attribute list.


                    Finally, when adding normal HTML tags with code assist, it's not properly wrapping attributes in quotes.

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                      hemant_k Employee Moderator

                      Can you log an ER for content assist pop up to have the focus when it appears. It looks like there can be reason when some folks may not want to lose focus from the main editor. Please provide the bug# so that folks can vote.