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    [svn:fx-trunk] 12903: Fix for regression in BitmapUtil.getSnapshot().

    Chet Haase Level 3

      Revision: 12903

      Revision: 12903

      Author:   chaase@adobe.com

      Date:     2009-12-14 07:53:53 -0800 (Mon, 14 Dec 2009)

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      Fix for regression in BitmapUtil.getSnapshot(). The fix last week (for sdk-20250) compensated for larger bounds with text objects and objects whose children have filters that go beyond the parent bounds. But the new call to BitmapData.getColorBoundsRect() had an error in the mask value that resulted in only capturing colored pixels, not all opaque pixels. This fix uses a mask that will cause the function to correctly capture all opaque pixels, regardless of color.


      QE notes: failure in Mustella Wipe_FxAnimateColor, but this is a known intermittent failure, not related to this fix

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      Bugs: sdk-24684

      Reviewer: SteveB

      Tests run: checkintests, Mustella spark/effects/Wipe|CrossFade|AnimateShaderTransition

      Is noteworthy for integration: yes


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