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    Sharing flv or swf to social media sites

    ekora Level 1

      Hi all... I am researchign some solutions for building a new flash video player that will allow me to share the actual video on social media sites like Facebook.  What I'd like as far as UX is for the user to be able to watch the vidoe on my site, the click a button to share it on a site like Facebook... and then on Facebook, I'd like the video to actually show up, in the same way a vidoe shows up if you post a YouTube video there.  It's viewable on Facebook, and it's not a link to go back to the site webpage that contains the flv video.


      I'm still working in AS2, that's why I'm posting in this forum.  This might also have to be resolved elsewhere like in the page language (asp, cfm, etc.), or through Facebook (FBML).  


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance