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    Wordwrap of (control.) Text in GridItem problems

    Mark Moellering

      I am creating a corporate App. that displays notes on a project.  I am using Grid , GridRow and GridItem for formatting.  When I add the Text control and populate it, it won't wrap but simply truncates.  Everything is in actionscript, using Flex-3.  Here is an example of the code;


      var newDescription_One_column:GridItem = new GridItem();
           newDescription_One_column.percentWidth = 40;

      var gridText_newDescription_One:Text = new Text();
           gridText_newDescription_One.text = newDescriptionOne;
           gridText_newDescription_One.truncateToFit = false;
           gridText_newDescription_One.maxWidth = 360;
      var newDescription_Two_column:GridItem = new GridItem();
           newDescription_Two_column.percentWidth = 40;
      var gridText_newDescription_Two:Text = new Text();
           gridText_newDescription_Two.truncateToFit = false;
           gridText_newDescription_Two.maxWidth = 360;
           gridText_newDescription_Two.text = newDescriptionTwo;


      Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated


      Thanks in advance


      Mark Moellering