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    Some fonts have disappeared..?


      I have been using CS4 Illustrator for a year now on my laptop.  Recently my laptop had to be taken to a repair shop.  All of my software was wiped whilst the laptop was being serviced.  Last week I reinstalled Adobe CS4 suite back onto my laptop, however, some of the fonts that I used to have are now not there anymore (such as 'OCR Extended').  A lot of my work for university has been created in these fonts that I now do not have and so my work will not open properly.  I am not sure how to get them back?  I have tried unistalling, using the clean script and then reinstalling again and that did not work.  Any help would be much appreciated!  I am rubbish on computers and my deadline for my work is on January 12th!  Thank you.

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          These fonts are not standard system fonts. They were most likely added by another app or you installed them manually at some point. For OCR A and B, the old Bitstream versions are installed by CorelDraw for instance. Without knowing which app it actually was, though, your best option is to track them down using font sites such as DaFont.