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    Can you output to a .php page rather than .html pg during dubugging?

    mike_morales Level 2

      Hey all,


      I have a newb question regarding output from flex. I do a lot of my work in php and plan to wrap my flex/swf files within them. Is there a way to have flex builder default to a php page output rather than an .html page?  I noticed a setting for "Server Technology" during the project set-up stage and set it to php thinking that it would output to .php, but that didn't do the trick. Currently, I am working with my php pages in dreamweaver and pointing to my debug flex/swf file within my php page when I need to test my pages - which is a bit inconvenient because I have to first run my flex file from within flex builder, then, go to my php page and refresh that to test the page. Is there an easier way? Thanks in advance!