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    FC is sloooooow

    gabrielaVzla Level 1

      especially when doing complicated stuff.


      is there a general concensus on this or am i doing something wrong?




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          gabrielaVzla Level 1

          i really love the program.


          if you have some tips for making it run more smoothly. maybe i´m doing something wrong here, cuz its been dragging lately.



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            acath Level 4

            Hi Gabriela,


            Here are some tips:


            1) Minimize the number of states you are using. If you're using a lot of states, figure out if you can refactor them into custom components with their own states.

            2) Convert complex vector graphics to Optimized Graphics (this option is in the HUD).

            3) Create small projects for each module of your application and then composite them together in Flash Builder