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    How do I sort books in series order?


      I have several books by the same author (20+).

      These are in three series (and sub series)

      The library sorts by AUTHOR just fine, but then puts the books in ALPHABETICAL order.

      The SERIES order in not ALPHABETICAL.

      The last (latest) book starts with "A", but the first one starts with an "O"


      Is there a way to change this?


      Can I change the file name and add a NUMBER in front of the name to force a sort?


      Thank you in advance.


      G l Heaton

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          I asked the same question a couple of months ago ("niceto have...") - no reply


          The best I came up with was sortingby publication date - at least that gets them in the right order if not in series / sequence order.


          The alternative is a pain - down load them in series order then sort by download date.

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            Having a series order is a great feature and one I want and would use, but unfortunately one we don't have yet, and most likely won't make it into the next major update.


            Also we don't currently have the editing of metadata, so you can't change the titles within ADE.  If you don't mind editing xml files, you will find all of the metadata (title, author, publisher, etc...) cached in the manifest.xml in your (My) Digital Editions folder.  If you quit ADE, and then make a copy of this file (in case you make a mistake), then any changes you make should be apparent next time you launch ADE.


            If you don't want to edit .xml files or just want an alternative besides ADE for organizing your books, I would suggest Callibre, with the cavaet that it will not work on DRM protected books.

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              GLHeaton Level 1


              Here's a work around that does not require editing of files.

              It's slow but it works for me.


              1.   Delete all books from the library. BUT NOT FROM THE HARD DRIVE

              2.   Make a series of books shelves with the series titles as a reminder.

              3.   Add the books BACK to the main library in series order about 10 minutes apart.

              4.   Move the books to the series book shelves

              5.   FINALLY  Sort the books by DATE/TIME


              It's slow, clumsy, and BORING, but it works. (MOSTLY)

              G L Heaton