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    Premiere CS4 crushes at starting


      Hi Guys!


      I´m using Premiere CS4 since a couple of weeks without bigger problems (the programm just crushed occasionally) but now i´m facing a really big Problem.


      Over night, it seemed like, my Premiere was destroyed. Whenever I open a saved project, after the project loaded, it immediately closes again. Without any crushing report or something like that. When I open a new project, all my settings and tools are gone. I can put them on the screen again, but after creating the first sequence, it crushes again.


      I havent changed much since the last time it worked and now. (No new hardware, new software or something like that.)


      I already re-installed Adobe.


      It´s updated and all my drivers are too. I have enough memory space and a strong pc. (As I already said, i cut the last weeks without having this problem.)


      I am under time pressure and so I´m kind of and hope that someone has a good advice for this special problem!