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    Build a product, step by step with visuals and updated price?


      Hello all,


      What I'm looking for has probably been covered but I cannot find it in a search because it's akward to describe. It is also possible that what I'm looking for is more of a javascript than flash...but since I'm more familiar with Flash I wanted to start here. I'm hoping to find some sort of a program or generator (willing to pay) that will build a product on the screen based on sub-categories that a customer would choose. Idealy, the following would take place.

      1. The customer would see a blank base product on the screen
      2. They would select the color (color would fill the product in the picture)
      3. They would select additions to be added to the product and those additions would appear as selected.
      4. The price would update itself with each selection or extra added to the product build
      5. They could proceed to checkout from there.


      Here is an example (we're not selling shoes) that I believe is more detailed than what we need...but the process is similar. Time is an issue and we have a good understanding of flash design but none of us are advanced or professional actionscripters. Is there a program out there for purchase (if not freeware.....wishful thinking?.) that could give us a template to use for something like this?




      Any help is greatly appreciated.