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    embedding fonts in document

    Paul Bausch Mpls

      I work for a Printing Display company. Illustrator CS3 allows you to embedd subset fonts only with permission bits available. The problem I'm having is some of our big customers do not want to send copies of the fonts they paid for. They save the file as a PDF with the fonts embedded so that they will view and print from either Acrobat or Reader. If I open the file in Illustrator I get a "Font missing" warning. What is the work around for this? The reason I need to open these files in a Graphics App is because we need to use our templates in order to edit colors and bleeds and such. Without the fonts it's pretty much useless. We could tell the customer to just outline all text but this is a hassle for all kinds of reasons. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          What happens if you create a new document and File>Place the PDF in it?

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            Paul Bausch Mpls Level 1

            It will be placed in InDesign as an embedded graphic image. If I try to export it as an EPS or PDF the font will not be available. The InDesign file would work if our Postscript printer would support Native InDesign format but it doesn't. Anyway the problem of being able to edit it still remains.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              What I mean is: do you get the substitution message straight away if you place the PDF in a new document in Illy? If not, you should be able to work with it, and save it in whichever way.


              I only suggest this because of an old thread that seemed to imply this option.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                I guess you've hit a snag. Short of buying the fonts yourself I don't see a way out of this. It's in the nature of the beast.



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                  Paul Bausch Mpls Level 1

                  Yes I do get font substitution message when I place the PDF in Illustrator. I guess I don't get why the font is embedded in the PDF but will not be embedded if I open it in Illustrator. I guess it just depends on the font. Is this just a problem with the way the Customer is Exporting to PDF? We don't seem to have this going on with most of our customers.

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                    Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                    When you open a PDF in Illy, all text is made Live Type, using the same font. If it is not accessible on your machine, Illy substitutes another font based on her best guess for a best match.


                    The option of having embedded fonts outlined and thereby turned into non (textwise) editable vector objects, very useful in many cases without need for modifying wording, has long been wished. I am afraid this wish has not been met yet; maybe it will happen in CS5, or later, or never.


                    Those PDFs without issues only hold fonts that you have.


                    I thought I remembered that there was a cunning roundabout way of obtaining this, and here it is, at least for versions from CS2 on:


                    1) File>New to open a new blank document;
                    2) File>Place the PDF, ticking the Link option;
                    3) Object>Flatten Transparency, ticking Convert All Text to Outlines option if applicable (flattening causes outlining at least in 10).

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                      Compare the expense of purchasing the fonts to the cost of buying PitStop Pro.  PitStop is a plugin to Acrobat that allows you to edit colors, text, transparency, etc.  It's great, as long as the font info embedded in the document includes all the characters you need -- e.g., if you need to replace the word "institution" with, say, "zoo," and there are no words with "z" already in your document, the subset embedded will not let you display the missing character.  But, if text edits are not required, only production work, then it's perfect for your needs, imho.