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    Pagination issues in Word output from RoboHelp HTML 8


      Hi All,


      We're generating a Word document from our online help (RoboHelp HTML 8) with MS Word 2003 installed. The page numbers inserted automatically are wrong in that it's skipping numbers. For example, in scrolling down through the document, the page number after 95 is 97. Sections of the doc are paginated correctly, but then we come to a few pages where it skips a number in assigning page numbers. Some of our users have MS Word 2003 and others have 2007, but the pagination issue is occurring in both versions of Word. (BTW, I'm developing WebHelp Pro on Windows XP.)


      Today when I clicked in the Word TOC and pressed F9 to regenerate, it corrected some of the pagination problems but not all (go figure).


      Is there a patch I need to download or anything?


      Thank you!