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    java game to flash builder or flash authoring tool??


      Hello super folks

      I have a simple java 2d swing game like a chess with some simple gif animations.I would like to translate it to Action Script.I have found tools to do it .



      But this tool is made in flex and i think that it translate to Flex.

      I think that the tools to translate will help me to do a Flex proyect than a one made with Flash authoring tool.


      I have read that flash authoring tool is better for games than Flash builder.I have read also that Flex programs

      are slower to download becouse of the sdk, is this true?


      My principal question is what you should suggest me: flash autoring tool or Flash builder.What about of choosing flash builder

      and embeed some swf animation made with the authoring tool?But i am not sure to take this decition becouse flash authoring

      tool is more suited for games and may be everithing could be done on it.


      Well i will start working more deeper and bring news