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    Strange Audio Blip

    Rothrock Level 5

      I have some e-learning where we have a little screen with some audio. Then there is a stop on the timeline. The user can click next and get the next screen.


      On some of the screens the audio does a little "glitchy beep" at when it gets to the stop. It doesn't seem to happen all the time and there is nothing I can find in common when it does.


      The glitchy sound isn't part of the mp3. When played in external players there is no glitch at the end of the file.


      The sounds are set to streaming. When tested in the timeline it never makes the sound.


      Local testing also doesn't produce the sounds.


      When played over the internet is when we hear it. But if we replay that screen it doesn't happen on the second time.


      There is a keyframe with the streaming sound. And where the wave form shows the end of the sound we have put another keyframe.


      I'm leaning a little bit toward the glitch being the first few milliseconds of the next screens sound. They are all on the main timeline. We have the stop at the end of each screen and then there is an empty frame and then the start of the next screen. And generally there are at least one or two frames before the next audio starts.


      But that seems strange that Flash would stop on, say, frame 1353 and then look ahead to 1357 and start the audio there. Doesn't it?


      Anybody else have this issue? Found any answers?

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Further digging only seems to muddy the waters.


          Adding one extra frame before the new audio begins (there were already 3) seems to make the difference. But then that doesn't really explain why it was doing it. And if extra frames are the answer how many will I need?


          I did some digging and there seems to be a 46 millisecond delay built into the way AS2 handles sounds. I'm wondering if it is some kind of timing issue that depends upon the framerate, the number of samples in the first sound, processor load, and the sound card. If so I'm going to have a really hard time coming up with a solution...